Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the natural outbursts, and especially by the graphic beauty of volcanic
eruptions that often give a true magmatic dancing show.
From my scientific studies, including a 3D training course with texture specialization, to my graphic arts studies, I have
always found an interesting relationship between those two domains that has been the source of my interest for the
magmatic material.
That’s in this context, out of many experiences, that I have started to paint this material that has always captivated me.
I currently live and work in the Paris area.






born in paris in 1985.


painting Classes at the « Beaux Arts de Paris ». In the same time, I’ve started to paint my first abstracts oil paintings  : Série 01, Compositions 1 à 19.


LISAA Paris. college of applied arts,
2D-3D animation -video game diploma

ENSBA at Paris, painting and drawing workshops.


first test with abstract painting method with acrylique


art college ESAG Penninghen.